AUTOLOAD Additive Feeders

The AUTLOAD On-Spec additive feeders are designed for the versatility you demand. Simple and economical, the unique feeding cylinder provides and even and regular output. The OS5 and OS10 can be mounted directly to, and synchronized with an extruder or injection molding machine.

The OS5 (upper picture) digital motor control includes a built-in timer, fixed text/calibration program, tachometer-slave control and relay feedback time functions. The OS10 (middle picture) features and adaptive microprocessor control that includes auto calibration, recipe storage and an RS232 computer port.

• Accurate Metering of Normal and Micro Granules
• Unique Dosing Cylinder - No Auger Pulsing
• Instant Start/Stop Stepper Motor - No Feed Drift
• Thruput as Low as 0.5g Per Shot
• .3 To 25 PPH Capabilities
• Six Liter Stainless Steel Feed Bin

The AUTOLOAD QMC Mini Additive Feeder (lower picture) is designed for the versatility you demand. The riser is fabricated of mild steel and holds the easily accessible Additive Hopper/Auger assembly and gear motor. Gear motors used for driving the augers are permanent magnet DC motors which utilize 0 to 130 volt speed controls for a variety of applications. Rates from .3 to 25 pounds per hour can be achieved with quick change of augers and/or motors with the turn of a scallop knob.

• Accurate Metering of Normal and Micro Granules
• Drain-Out And Calibration Port
• Clear, Interchangeable Additive Hoppers
• Quick Change Of Auger And Additive Material Hoppers
• .3 To 25 PPH Capabilities
• Spare Additive Hoppers Available To Ensure Immediate Material Change


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